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A new communications and incident management platform


In any organisation, communication will always be the cornerstone of effective management. Driven by individuals that are part of the CSC and powered by cutting-edge technology, our purpose is to boost knowledge-sharing and optimise incident management.

Communication and incident management platform

Spring 2021 will see the launch of a new communication and incident management platform that will facilitate real-time reporting into and out of the City of London Police JCCR (Joint Contact and Control Room) with security companies operating across the City.

As well as real time reporting of incidents such as missing persons, suspicious vehicles and change of security alerts, it will provide the police with the ability to galvanise support to help quickly set up cordons or support mass evacuations.

The software for the new Incident and Crisis Management platform will be created by Zinc Systems, a UK-based digital technology company that specialises in creating business intelligence with technological agility.

Mr Neill Catton, newly-appointed Chairman of the City Security Council and MD of CIS Security said:

“City Security Council Members have been instrumental in driving this initiative forward. The collaboration between all organisations has been excellent and demonstrates the passion to create a unified approach to securing The City of London. The CSC would like to welcome other security stakeholders to be part of this fantastic initiative and to promote the professionalism of our security teams.”

Mr David Ward, founding member of the City Security Council and outgoing Chairman said:

“This new comms platform was a key part of our original strategy when founding the Council and I am delighted to see this vision now become a reality. The platform will allow us to share intelligence extremely quickly and allow the police to call on our support. This will help us work even closer in support of the City of London Police allowing our security officers to be even more effective in their role to help provide a safe and secure environment.”

Mr Joe Zielinski, CEO and Founder of Zinc Systems said”

“We are delighted to be a part of such a collaborative vision, that will see the City of London Police and Security companies come together, to closer support the City. Our platform, Synapse will be the engine of the City of London JCCR and via working with all the CSC Members it will drive proactive intelligence sharing, as well as a rapid approach to incident and crisis management”.

Mr Ian Dyson, Commissioner of the City of London Police said:

“This unique and innovative initiative is one that I have always been supportive of since its inception, so it is excellent news to see the next stage unfold. It is vital in this day and age that we further develop our already excellent private/public partnership collaborations, and the CSC platform will bring many additional ‘real time’ benefits to further enhance the safety of all who visit, live and work in the City of London. With many thousands of additional security personnel to call upon in support of our officers this is going to be a real game changer in how we can respond to an incident.”

Mr Richard Woolford from the City of London Corporation said:

“The City of London Corporation is looking forward to supporting City of London Police and the City of London Security Council community in this new innovative real time solution, merging public and private sector to respond to incidents and crisis. This new system will be an invaluable resource and one that will further ensure that the City remains a safe and secure place for workers, residents and visitors.”

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