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Communication is critical in the management of incidents, by Sophie Malone

Planned and unplanned events can arise anywhere, at any time. Each incident is different: some you know in advance; some you know could happen one day and others are just impossible to predict. Therefore, the ability to prepare, respond and emerge stronger from threats and crime requires specialised expertise, an understanding of key risks, situational awareness, and a collaborated approach to response.

Technology also plays a key role. It helps to accelerate and expand access to critical systems and resources. It drives automated, compliant responses and controls communication.

This is the reason why the City of London Police (ColP) and City Security Council (CSC) have collaborated with Zinc Systems, combining expertise, intelligence, and technology to deliver an initiative that will improve incident response and the sharing of intelligence, for the good of all who work, live, and socialise in the City of London.


 ‘The incident and communication engine that is supporting our City of London Police and Security teams to make the City safer’

CityINTEL is a incident & communication platform enabling the real-time sharing of information between the City Security Council members and the City of London Police.  Its purpose is to improve communications, shared awareness and multiply the ‘eyes and ears’ of security significantly improving the security posture of the City.

Powering this game-changing initiative is Zinc Systems’ core product SYNAPSE, a major incident and communications platform, which has been branded ‘CityINTEL’ for this project.

CityINTEL has been installed within the CoLP Joint Command Control Room (JCCR) to provide a secure platform for the CoLP to communicate briefings on up-and-coming events, live incidents, and updates as they progress.

Each building within the City of London which is guarded by a registered CSC member will receive immediate notifications from the JCCR to both their control rooms and nominated users. Communication will be targeted to individual buildings, by geofenced areas, as well as used to broadcast more generally.

To support the policing of the City each building is loaded on to the platform with key information regarding life safety systems such as trauma packs, defibs, evacuation routes and dangerous substances; all which provide the police with a unique view of the City as they manage incidents.

In a ground-breaking move by the CoLP, the platform will allow each building and their nominated users to communicate live incident updates back to the JCCR through the CityINTEL App held on a mobile devise or in a control room environment.

This 2-way engagement will allow Security Officers to respond to requests for help from the police (suspicious vehicles, missing persons), as well as allow Officers to respond, add notes, images and information pertaining to live incidents.

Unlocking the Potential.

Immediate benefits will be realised by the police, business community and public, including,

MAKING THE CITY A SAFER PLACE – Security and shared intelligence are critical to the City with counter terrorism, crime and protest threats continuing to evolve in their complexity

TIMLEY AND ACCURATE COMMUNICATIONS – Direct 2-way communications will improve awareness, incident response and collaboration.

TOGETHER WE ACHIEVE GREATNESS – Collectively, with more information we can ALL make better decisions

IMPROVED SAFETY OF INDIVIDUALS – Paramount of importance is the safety of individuals working or socialising in the City.

TARGETED INTELLIGENCE – Add value not volume. Communications will be targeted to ensure the right intelligence is sent to the right audience, at the right time.

SINGLE PANE OF GLASS – Intelligence from the City footprint and wider stakeholder groups will give the CoLP a complete operating view

COLLABORATION – The platform will drive a more coordinated, swift, and effective incident response.

Be a part of the future

The vision is one of scalability and increased collaboration as the more we can connect, the more resilient we will be. If you would like to learn more about this game-changing initiative, you can download the brochure here  or contact Sophie Malone – sophie.malone@zincsystems.

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