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CSC joins forces with London Police to support incident response in the city

The City Security council (CSC) and the City of London Police (CoLP) have announced the launch of a new joint communications platform called CityINTEL that allows real time incident information to flow rapidly between the CoLP Joint Command Control Room (JCCR) and the CSC members who are based in the City of London.

CityINTEL is a cloud based purpose-built platform that will be managed by CoLP JCCR controllers.  It has been tested over a period of months, with registered CSC members adding relevant security information about the buildings they operate to the platform to allow the JCCR controllers visibility of the most appropriate people to send incident information as it occurs.  Information can be targeted to individual buildings, by geofenced areas as well as used to broadcast more generally when an incident occurs to the members, while CSC members can send communications back to the JCCR via the platform relating to a specific incident or a new incident. The Corporation of London are also a signed in partner to the platform with the expectation that other City based organisations may join in the future.

Picture caption [[L – R] – Sophie Malone Commercial Director Zinc Systems, Ashley Fernandes Chair of City Security Council, City of London Police Commissioner Angela McLaren, Graham Bassett Vice Chair of City Security Council and Gary Brailsford-Hart, Director of Information CoLP

Ashley Fernandes, Chair of the CSC said; “Allowing the two-way sharing of information between the police and our security officers on the ground will not only help us react and support the emergency services in times of need but will ensure our responses are coordinated and robust.  The platform won’t add an unnecessary layer of communications because it has a specific use, such as advising on counter terrorism threats or protests occurring as well as allowing us to inform the police immediately of any issues taking place within the City of London.”



The new platform was officially launched by City of London Police Commissioner, Angela McLaren who pushed the button to send the first communication from the platform to the CSC members. She said; “Working closely with our communities and security partners across the City is an important way for us to gather intelligence, and share information to enable faster crime prevention and detection. We are constantly striving to find new and innovative ways to improve our processes, and the introduction of CityINTEL gives us an opportunity to engage with our contacts on the ground more efficiently.  

 “This new tool sends a distinct message to those with criminal intent within the Square Mile. We have a multitude of partners ready to act as our eyes and ears and report any instances of wrongdoing, or suspicious activity. If you are looking to operate in the City of London, you will be caught.”

Powering this game-changing initiative is Zinc Systems’ core product SYNAPSE, a globally recognised major incident management platform, which has been branded ‘CityINTEL’ for this project.  The platform is integrated with a supporting mobile smartphone application that allows CSC security personnel to quickly alert the CoLP Joint Command Control Room of live incidents as well as providing the CoLP with the ability to push targeted messages to specific locations and stakeholders included on the platform.

Sophie Malone, Commercial Director of Zinc Systems said; “Our mission is to help organisations protect what matters. CityINTEL will deliver a safer City, through an innovative approach to the management of incidents and sharing of intelligence. Using its powerful analytics the platform will provide all the tools that the CoLP JCCR need to gather, communicate and analyse data quickly, as well as deliver 2-way communication with Security teams; helping all to be more prepared, take instant control and respond more effectively in events”

The City Security Council is a community interest company that represents a collective of premier city security companies with the specific purpose of improving incident responses by security companies in the City of London in times of major crises.


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