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Our Collaborative Approach


This is a collaborative Council acting without self-interest and we will share findings, best practice, learning and guidance with others across the security spectrum, whether they are members of the Council or not.

To achieve these aims we will explore options to:

  • Share training resources to attain the highest agreed standards in counter terrorism training, which is fully supported by the Police in projects such as SERVATOR, Griffin/ACT, Argus and Incident Response.
  • Explore opportunities to improve CSC member communications
  • Explore opportunities to obtain accurate intelligence, is shared from first responders through all levels to senior strategic stakeholders
  • Explore key response strategies and recognised best practice procedures from CSC members to maximise the secured footprint around the incident, support cordon management and enhance premises protection and personnel and public safety
  • Work with other agencies to conduct research into manned-guarding and physical security in order to enhance the provision of protective security services.

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