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Project Servator and the importance of partnerships

The importance of partnerships between police and private security

Since the latest terrorist attacks in London and worldwide, police-private security partnerships have been viewed as critical to preventing terror-related and other criminal acts. Because the private sector protects the vast majority of the city’s infrastructure, whilst police possess relevant threat information, these liaisons can put vital information in the hands of the people who need it.

Partnering with The City Security Council implies a number of benefits, including creative problem solving, increased training opportunities, data and intelligence sharing – to name just a few.

Project Servator and the importance of partnerships

Project Servator – A force multiplier

This force multiplier factor revolves around networking, information and resources sharing, research and common goals. Project Servator is the very translation of this joint approach to public safety and criminal deterrence. Project Servator is a counterterrorism policing tactic that aims to disrupt criminal activities. The approach relies on police working with the community, businesses, partners and members of the public to build a network of vigilance and ensure widespread safety.

Exclusive educational opportunities for CSC members

Under the aegis of the City of London Police a joint webinar took place on 3rd March 2021: . Project Servator | Reducing the risk of crime & terror post-COVID.

Over the past year, the major focus in the UK and around the world has rightfully been the coronavirus pandemic. However, it’s important to remain aware of the risk of crime and terrorism. The consequences of COVID-19 offer substantial opportunities to potential terroristic attacks and increased crime rates. Drivers include social unrest, societal divisions and religious and political extremism. Deliberate disinformation campaigns on social media and radicalisation processes are catalysts and stand as fertile ground for recruitment.

Promoted by The City Security Council the webinar was delivered by some exceptional speakers, who talked about what the post pandemic future will hold for London.

  • Alistair Sutherland, Assistant Commissioner at The City of London Police
  • Michael Mackenzie, Inspector at The City of London Police and Project Servator Lead
  • Omar Haque Counter Terrorism Security Advisor
  • Neill Catton, CSC Chairman
  • Stephen Shackell, CSC Intelligence Lead

The webinar saw a 100+ attendance and excellent post-event feedback, a further testament that joint initiatives aimed at educating, training and ultimately ensuring the everyday safety for Londoners, are amongst the reasons why The City Security Council is the membership to join for any reliable security company.

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