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Service Pledge

The CSC has agreed to explore opportunities to:

  • Jointly exercising our security teams to test practices and procedures in order to identify and cross pollinate best practice, with new ways of working
  • Explore and develop real-time communications to support information sharing
  • Explore a joint Academy of Security Training

The key aims and objectives of the CSC are:

  • Improve standards of training for security staff in order to deliver effective responses at times of crisis and emergency
  • Provide resource support to the Police in times of crisis and emergency (Operation Griffin)
  • Standardise effective and efficient responses
  • Improve and standardise our collective responses across our media and communication platforms during incidents outlined above
  • Provide the City of London, its residents, visitors and workers, with joined up messaging and a tangible protective multiplier between private security professionals and the City of London
  • Promote shared values, principles and best practice, including research and review of current security practices
  • Act as a credible voice of the security industry in times of crisis/emergency

CSC enables all stakeholders to benefit from a strategy that encourages and empowers all buildings and crowded spaces to be secured under their own protective security and site policies whilst enhancing collective protection delivered through an agreed shared security deployment at times of terrorism and crisis.

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