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Think you would make a good security officer? Then read on…

Vijay Varnadevan is a security officer at Allied Universal.  Below he shares with us some insights into his role, what he likes about his job and the challenges he has faced.

  1. What is your current role and how did you get there?  Security officer. I applied after some through networking.
  2. Why did you first join the security industry, and why did you carry on?  To develop a core understanding of security and improve knowledge for advancement in technologies.
  3. What do you think the public’s perception of the security industry is – and how does this compare to what you’ve experienced?  People are not used to active guards. Most are idle bodies used to deter activity.
  4. What do you like and dislike about the industry – and what has surprised you? I enjoy leading interactions. Extremely long hours, hard to fit in hobbies, social life, gym, cooking, etc.
  5. What challenges did you face and how did you overcome them? Learning new procedures for specific clients. I overcome them by asking my team or relevant people quality questions and ensuring I understand how to proceed.
  6. What is a day in your working life like? My job consists of customer service, being aware of public health & safety, and general integrity availability & confidentiality of the building.
  7. What advice would you give anyone thinking about joining the security industry today?  Learn communication skills.
  8. Who do you think would suit or enjoying working in the security industry? Anybody as long as they are not shy.

For more information about a career at Allied Universal and to view their latest vacancies click here


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