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Security Insights: From Supermarket Shelf Stacker to Managing Director

As we continue to promote the benefits of working in the security industry we are delighted to share the thoughts of Neill Catton, Managing Director at CIS Security.

What is your current role and how did you get there?  I am currently the Managing Director for CIS Security and have worked here for 16 years.  I started my career with Group 4 as their youngest Security Officer at the time in 1989. After six years front line work I seeked promotion and started to move through the ranks of Operations, Account Management, Business Management, Operations Director.  I have had some great learning experiences at large, medium and very small companies throughout my career.  I have taken what I feel have been some of the best aspects from all of these experiences.

Why did you first join the security industry, and why did you carry on?  I was stacking shelves at Safeway supermarket and read a newspaper article looking for Security Officers.  It looked exciting and although the hours were long, the money was good.  I always had an interest in the military but never made the move as I enjoyed being with my friends at the weekend and playing football too much.   I continued in Security as I did enjoy the role, being responsible for high value locations and protecting people appealed to me.    If I hadn’t been promoted maybe I would have looked outside but once I made it into Management I was hooked for life!

What challenges did you face and how did you overcome them?    Along the way I have had some very good managers,  but equally those where my face didn’t fit,  or where promotion was still based on length of service rather than ability.  Try hard for people to recognise your worth but sometimes you have to move on to move upwards.

What advice would you give anything thinking about joining the security industry today?  I would urge new applicants to look beyond Security Officer and think Security Manager, Business Manager, Account Director.  It’s the same as any other business,  work hard, never give up,  take on responsibility and take control of your destiny.

Who do you think would suit or enjoying working in the security industry? Anyone, if you enjoy working with people have a protective nature.

For more information about joining CIS Security and to view their current vacancies please click here

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