The City Security Council (CSC) has been established in the City of London but it remains open to any ACS accredited security company with a security footprint in the City of London to join us.

In order to achieve the strategic aim, all CSC members, must be ACS accredited and have responsibility for security within the City of London.

Membership criteria will be subject to an annual review to ensure the CSC remains relevant, representative and collaborative.  The group shall meet every two months and be chaired for one year by a founding member.

Additional membership, other than ACS contractors, includes CPNI, City of London Corporation and City of London Police.

Each member company has invested in specific training for their security officers, this training has its origins in Police Horizon Training, and works in partnership with Griffin/ACT and Argus established training and awareness programs.  Where possible share training resources across the members to ensure the same high standards and establish a uniform baseline knowledge.  Membership requires dedicated commitment to this training and the exploration of a CSC Academy.

The City of London, it’s businesses and the public at large stand to benefit from the CSC through the coordinated and collaborative deployment of trained member resources across sites and public spaces at times of crisis.